AVING is the news media company covering and reporting Product & Business in the world. We’re building Global News Network with over 757 media in 54 countries and AVING news is being delivered to buyers, news editors and power bloggers from over 175 countries a month.


We hope alliance or partnership with all media in the world in various ways. It’s very easy and a wide range and type of alliance or partnership is possible such as news quotation, news exchange and activity as a guest reporter. If you want to have a partnership with AVING or join AVING’s Global Network, just do 2 things below.


  1. AVING Banner with link on your website
    • You have to inform that AVING is your official media partner. Just download and make it appear on your website. Download.
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  2. Fill out registration form in our website.
    • If you want to be our guest reporter, please contact to this email : g2g@aving.net


Thank you.